About Us

Mission Statement

The Greater Wheatland Area Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that strives to advance economic prosperity by encouraging tourism, strengthening community partnerships, and inspiring civic pride.

Vision Statement

The Greater Wheatland Area Chamber of Commerce will work collaboratively with local businesses, town and village leaders, and the Wheatland community to create an environment that encourages growth while maintaining historic integrity.

The Greater Wheatland Area Chamber of Commerce is a private, voluntary, not-for-profit organization of business and professional people dedicated to improving the economic environment of the Greater Wheatland area.

Greater Wheatland Area Chamber of Commerce (GWACC) is organized for and dedicated to advancing the commercial, industrial, and civic interests of the Wheatland community and its trade area.

The GWACC works diligently to promote the business, cultural, and historical aspects of the town through networking, advertising, customer referral, promoting tourism, legislative alerts, business show-casing, revitalization efforts economic vitality and quality of life.

Our members come from all industries and in all sizes, and from all over the Wheatland Area. The GWACC serves as an advocate for business, a community partner, a resource for business, and is dedicated to serving both the needs of our members and the economic development needs of the broader community.

The Chamber works year round in diverse ways to strengthen the region’s prosperity and livability. A strong economy requires a healthy business climate, a productive workforce, adequate infrastructure, public and private sector collaboration and numerous other elements. The GWACC serves as a catalyst, advocate, convener and partner in helping the Wheatland area build its preferred future.

Chamber members know that the diversity of talents and interests in the town is the key to Wheatland’s continued economic growth and vitality. The GWACC’s willingness to get involved in a broad range of issues and to participate in hand on activities that directly affect the quality of life in Wheatland ensures residents and business owners that the greater Wheatland area will remain a great place to live and do business.